Dexter’s lives outside of Showtime

Since Brighthouse cable dropped Showtime this week causing me to miss some of the final season of Dexter (yeah I’m not sure why they are called “Bright” house…dimly lit decision indeed)…I decided now was the perfect time if any to try out a local favorite called Dexter’s. It’s a quaint little restaurant promising a unique menu and great drink specials…I’m in.

The relaxed atmosphere caters to everyone young and old, which I find to be quite cool. Live music in the evenings and a pretty inviting bar space. The place seems to rock right away.

A couple of Rum Runners were a delicious fruity start to a meal along with blue crab dip and calamari. The crab dip was just ok for me. It had a very olivey taste. I like olives, but in moderation. The calamari, however, was fantastic. Crispy and flavorful…not too chewy. Served with 2 dipping sauces (one a classic cocktail and the other a sweet and savory mustard-like mixture) it was pretty perfect.

On to the entrΓ©es. My choice was Yuengling Battered Fish and Chips with shoestring French fries. His was Chicken Schnitzel with potatoes. I had not had fish and chips in a few years. These were crispy, deliciously battered with the Yuengling beer and perfectly cooked to melt in your mouth. Fries were a perfect accompaniment.

The chicken schnitzel was a very large piece of chicken that was very flavorful. I only had a small taste but my cheat buddy thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, we liked Dexter’s so much that we went back the very next night (healthier choices of course) πŸ˜‰.

Dexters is quickly becoming a favorite of mine for the great food, cool vibe and fun live music. It should work as a substitute until Brighthouse gets it together and fixes our channel line up!





KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe

I’m a big fan of breakfast. So when the opportunity arises for a cheaters breakfast I’m ALWAYS game. I’d been told of Keke’s awhile back and have been blessed to have one not far from my house. If you like all things breakfast, this post should make your heart sing.

My typical healthy breakfast is usually all about protein but when I cheat I’m all about the carbs. Which is why my selection at Keke’s was pancakes. But if you ever go to this breakfast spot, you’ll see that this quickly becomes a tough decision. In the carb department they’re staked. Waffles, pancakes, French toast, stuffed French toast…and every type of dessert-like topping you can dream of.

For pancakes, they have everything from blueberry to chocolate chip to Florida Style, which was my pick with strawberry, banana, blueberry and powdered sugar. Their pancakes are buttery, light and fluffy. They are great plain with their rich and buttery maple syrup, or with a truckload of fruit like mine…the fruit is fresh and ripe and just as pleasing to the eye as the palette.

My cheat buddy went with the French toast (I recommended the stuffed but he went classic) and it was deliciously rich and eggy and just what French toast should be. Just enough powdered sugar and go to town on the syrup.

Portions for me were just right…not too much but not too little. A lot of their meals allow you to choose how many cakes you want so you can tailor it to your eye-to-stomach ratio that day and “over order” the proper amount πŸ™‚

Keke’s lived up to its expectations in breakfast cheats. Be sure to check it out but go early…they are only open until 2:30 during the week!




BurgerFi…not like Semper Fi

A new favorite cheat spot of mine seems to be popping up everywhere I go. It’s called BurgerFi (where the FI seems to stand for fresh ingredients…or of it doesn’t it certainly should!)

Here’s what makes BurgerFi different. They recycle everything…from the plastic cups to the very tables and chairs you’re sitting on. Very environmentally friendly. But their merit really shows with the quality of meats and ingredients they use. Every burger and bun tastes fresh off the grill. Lettuce, tomatoes and other veggies, if you dare, are crisp and delicious.

They also offer multiple fry flavor options, hand made shakes and concretes…a frozen custard concoction that is pretty out of this world.

We will start with my selection today…a classic CheeseBurgerFi with lettuce, tomato and their special sauce. The burger was juicy and tender, just slightly pink in the center…just how I like it. Cody went for double meat and no cheese. We shared a massive pile of Parmesan fries which are filling and interesting with their unique and powerful flavor and aioli sauce drizzled on top.

On to the concretes…we went with vanilla custard and you are allotted three mix-ins. I went the safe (smart) route with Oreo cookies and sprinkles. Cody, however, decided to throw gummie bears into the mix. Oreos, sprinkles and gummies. Yep. So I tried it. It was outstanding. Thick and creamy custard with big chunks of cookie…my hearts desire. The gummie bears were avoided because they were like gummie ice chunks. Not my taste.

I will say that BurgerFi is the closest thing to the Shake Shack, famous in New York and Miami. Similarities are that they serve amazing burgers and fries, fresh. They serve great draft beer, shakes and custards. It’s been so long since I’ve been to the Shake Shack that I can’t possibly pick a favorite at this point. Shake Shack may have the edge for nostalgia. However…I see a Burger war coming up in the near future!



No Rodeo

First off I apologize for the short hiatus. Moving is a busy time. The madness isn’t over yet but I managed to find a little time for a quality write up so here we go. I will try to be back on track with these eats…

I want to begin by saying that I’m not a BBQ girl. When I think about having a fantastic cheat just never comes to mind. Cody used to get upset with me in Georgia when he’d suggest Dreamland and I would say NO! I am not wasting my calories on something I’m just not that into! I deemed myself just not a fan of BBQ anywhere…until very recently.

We had heard about Four Rivers Smokehouse from our realtor. She and I had a lot in common and her rave reviews about the joint got me curious…that and driving past it every day since moving. So last week we decided to check it out.

When we pulled up I was concerned to say the least. It was lunchtime and men and women in business suits were standing in a line so long it came out the front door and down the sidewalk. I’m not a very patient woman. I wanted to throw in the towel right there but Cody’s optimism about the joint made me get on in line. We were entertained by the chalkboard menu outside. Every item was listed and had me intrigued. I had my meal picked before we even got inside.

It’s cafeteria style so you go in, place your main order, then walk down to add your sides and drinks. It was a pretty quick process in all honesty. Before I knew it we were heading to our indoor picnic table with BBQ plates that gave me hope…maybe I just hadn’t had the right BBQ. Maybe this would be…good?

GREAT! I am now a believer ladies and gentlemen! I ordered pulled pork and brisket sliders. I literally only ate one because it was packed to the max with meat. I had a few bites of brisket before I literally had to push back from the table. The meat was so perfectly cooked and seasoned it was grade A high quality. And the sweet BBQ sauce was a knock out. I’ve never had it quite this good!

My sides were Mac and cheese and cheddar grits. The Mac and cheese was good and average (our family recipe for Mac and cheese kills all other recipes so I am the toughest critic ever on this). The cheddar grits were amazing. They were formed into a square shaped cake. Light and delicious. I usually enjoy sweet grits but this savory option is a must have.

Cody got baked beans and corn bread. The bread was good but again…we have a family recipe that causes me to be bratty and say “top this”. No one can. Home cooking wins every time.

Overall I loved my experience at Four Rivers and want to go back! I never ever thought I would say this about BBQ…but here I am on a Wednesday thinking about it again. BBQ is now a good friend, despite our past differences πŸ™‚



Sweet Summer Treat

You guys know the old saying…I scream, you scream, we all scream for…yes…ice cream. But don’t you have to say goodbye to ice cream to commit to a healthy lifestyle? Nope. Not at all.

You just have to find an ice cream that works within your limits. Something lower in sugar and calories that of course still tastes great. I mean why should you have to sacrifice taste on something as delicious as ice cream? Exactly. I refuse to lay down on this one as well.

I think you know where I’m going with this. I’ve found a great new ice cream bar. Clemmy’s Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream Bar. I stumbled upon this one evening at Publix. You know the drill…”I’m just going to walk really quickly down the ice cream aisle and hey, if something happens to jump out of the freezer and into my cart, surely I am not to blame…and surely I am meant to have it.” We’ll, at 70 calories per bar, 2 grams of fat and sugar free. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. I mean, what the heck, right?

What I expected when I opened the box at home was one of two things…a teeny tiny bar that tasted well enough, but not enough bar to soothe a sweet tooth, or a normal sized bar with a cardboard taste that made me sad to have wasted even 70 measly calories. What I got was unexpected. A good sized rich and creamy bar. Strong strawberry taste, real vanilla flavor…my world was set on fire! It truly tastes like strawberry and vanilla ice cream. Nothing is lacking in the flavor department. Upon further investigation…this product claims to not only be sugar free…but also lactose and gluten free…wow!

The other night, my cheat meal buddy was craving ice cream…I knew I had just the thing. When I first offered this bar to him he was skeptical…but after the second bite his spirits had lifted. “This is really good!” was the reaction…and that’s just the reaction I was expecting.

This is legitimately one of the best low fat ice creams I’ve ever had…there’s another good one, but I’ll save it for another day…lets not get too grabby here :). But the great thing about Clemmy’s is they have a full product line. Bars in many different flavors, all of the same quality. They also have cartons of ice cream. I’ve yet to try any other flavors of bars or the cartons, but I am certainly amped to. Next time you’re craving a little cream, check out something by Clemmy’s and hopefully your day will be made, just like mine was. In fact, all this talk has me craving. I’m gonna go have one right now!


A Walk on the Wild Side

This will be the last Atlanta post for a while, probably until the clouds part and the birds sing, and men across the world experience extreme heart break…the day I get married.

First things first guys, Food Infidelity now has a video component! Check it out on my youtube channel…The link is on the side bar of this website soooo check check check check it out.

Back to business, last cheat meal in the ATL calls for a serious throw down. So we hit the baddest wings joint we could think of: Wild Wing Cafe of Alpharetta.

What you’re going to get at Wild Wing Cafe is good clean fun. Lots of beer on tap, wings galore and a very chill environment. Oh yeah, and the waitstaff? Pretty phenomenal.

On the menu today, of course my Leinenkugel Summer Shandy because baby, its HOT outside and that is just so refreshing with the lemonade infusion. Mmmmhmmm. For starters, Corn Dog Pups (mini corn dog bites) with mustard and Queso Dip and chips. The dog bites are perfect. Crispy on the outside, just a twinge of sweetness to the batter and a well cooked dog inside. The queso is the best in the south. Filled with chunks of red and green peppers and jalepeno bits…mouth watering.

And for the main event, my BFF Rhodes got a 25 wing sampler. Wild WIng Cafe is serious about its wings. So serious, they give out dishtowels instead of napkins, because the wings are so saucy, nothing else will suffice. The flavors he selected today were Wild West (a “dry” wing infused with ranch flavoring) , Gold Rush (a sweet buffalo style wet wing with a kick of heat- in our opinion, the wing that makes the restaurant so unique) and Thai (your typical sweet chili wet wing with thai peanut flavoring). Of the 25 wings, only 11 were consumed. Thats how much flavor and fulfillment you get with these wings .

As for me? I go a different direction. Mile High Ultimate Nachos. These nachos are not for the faint at heart. They are stacked to the ceiling with fresh ingredients like melted cheddar and jack cheeses, ground beef, fresh lettuce, black beans, salsa and sour cream. Jalepenos are the piece de resistance! This, by far, is the most delicious nacho plate I’ve ever had. I LOVE nachos. So that is a heck of a salute from me. However, I cannot put a dent in this nachos. They are so filling I don’t even get through half of them.

In conclusion, Wild Wing Cafe is a place anyone can enjoy. Its diverse menu and expansive wing flavor options would make anyone feel like a kid in a candy store. It is the epitome of deliciousness. A definite place to visit when in the greater Atlanta area.




My Favorite Things

Here’s something you won’t see too often in this blog…my favorite healthy snacks. These are things I’ve picked up in the fitness world that are low in calories and taste GREAT. Every so often ill post a couple of these for you to indulge in, in-between cheat meals…because I know our goal is to be Confection Swimwear ready year round…but we should be able to look good and eat great too! πŸ˜‰

On the menu today? Beverages! Two things I’m loving right now are the Lean1 protein shake at Smoothie King, and Beck’s Premier Light Beer. Let’s start slowly here.

When I started eating clean(er) again one thing that was important to me was a good protein shake. I work out 6 days a week, and sometimes the perfect thing to recharge the body after a great workout is a protein shake. Smoothie King has a protein that they call Lean 1. It’s ideal for those who are into fitness but not necessarily looking to gain muscle mass. It comes in 3 flavors…strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. I’ve had strawberry and vanilla, but not chocolate yet. Strawberry is my favorite, in fact I crave it about 3 days a week. No other smoothie will do! At 275 calories I feel complete after drinking a small and I feel great about the work out. I really dig the taste of the strawberry Lean 1. It’s fruity but not tart…and not uncontrollably sweet either. The vanilla is a bit more decadent, and I’ll have this if I’m in the mood for something a bit more desert-like.

Now, on to the adult entertainment. I’m a graduate of the University of Michigan, which means I like beer. I’m not a huge drinker, but when I indulge I usually will reach for a beer or two…the only problem with that is…the calories in most of my favorite beers add up quickly, thus making them unavailable to me outside of my cheat meals…UNTIL I met Beck’s.

Beck’s Premier Light is a life saver! At 64 calories a bottle it is one of the lowest calorie beers there is. Don’t assume this means its watered down. It’s packed with flavor and equally as satisfying as any other light, just far lower in calories. When my trainer introduced me to this beer I was smitten. It is always in our fridge. And another good thing is that it’s available to purchase in most of your common grocers (my Target, Publix and Krogers always have it). So if you’re figure conscious give it a try next time you grab a case for the house, or an outing. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised!